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- About The Brand -

Where We Began...


Coming from a family of grape growers in Chautauqua County, NY, my great uncle was a founding father of National Grape Co-Op which is who runs the Welch's we all know and love!  When I started my own business it was only natural to have a name representative of my roots, there evolved Grape Country Soaps.

Always having an appreciation and love for baking, I read an article in 2001, in the Woman's World Magazine about a woman in California who started making soap, and she related her hobby to baking.  When my kids would go to bed, I began testing the soapy waters and creating my own line.  My three daughters then began handing out the soap as gifts for birthday parties, holidays, etc.  As my soap was slowly distributed among family members and friends I realized my true passion and potential this business could have.   

Soon there after my business took off while I began to take part in local farmers markets, festivals and fairs.  Despite much resentment and negativity from many, my love for creating both natural and healthy skin care products that promote healing and rejuvenation overpowered and I quit my full time job and began on my own.

Today, I have created an aroma therapy line that contains over 3 dozen different bars that have both healed and assisted in eliminating common skin conditions to customers near and far.  I take pride in the originality, and highly researched therapies that each of my bars entail.  Between lotions, creams, scrubs, bath bombs, and more I am committed to providing your skin with the best care it can receive!

Our Commitment To You...


I take pride in my business with the rejuvenation and healing benefits of natural remedies for your skin.  Many of my products are a result of your requested skin care needs and my research, creating the perfect combination for healing and love.  That being said, if you or someone you know suffers from a chronic skin condition, or are seeking a product or natural remedy you don't see I make, please contact me! Together lets create magic for everyone!



Thank you to my loyal customers both new and old, and my family members and friends who are always willing to test out the new products! I appreciate your support and am honored to keep your skin glowing!

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