Grape Country Soaps - Homemade soaps and bath products.
About Us

Laura M. Harford
Silver Creek, NY

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire business is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best homemade soaps and bath products on the market!


We come from a family of grape growers here in Chautauqua County, NY.  Our great uncle was a founding father of National Grape Co-op which is who runs Welch's.  My brother and I now own and he runs our family farm- Fruit Farms, Inc.  When I started my own business it was only natural to have a name representative of our roots, there evolved Grape Country Soaps.    

Aroma Therapy Line:

*Oatmeal Honey- Gently exfoliates, honey is extra moisturizing.
*Raspberry Cream- Raspberry seed oil to protect skin from the sun & goats milk for natural cleanser.
*Honey Almond- Moisturizing & nourishing. Contains both honey & sweet almond oil.
*Cornmeal- Slightly abrasive, great for oily skin.
*Grape Seed- Anti-oxident, great for the skin, contains crushed grape seed as well as the extract.
*Shea Butter- Loaded with Vitamin E, doesn't clog the pores, tremendous healing properties.
*Goat's Milk- Closest to your own skin, very gentle, fragrant free.
*Birch Oil- Great for eczema & or psoriasis, natural scent.
*Seal Kelp- Great for athletes foot, rashes and yeast infections.  Gets rid of itching quickly!
*Milk & Honey- Natural cleansing properties with real honey for extra moisturizing.
*Orange Cranberry- Goat's milk as a natural cleanser, loaded with Vitamin C.
*Coconut Lime- Real juice, pulp and peel, skin tightening.
*Vitamin E w/Aloe- Extra Vitamin E for healing, aloe is soothing (matching cream).
*Apricot Scrub- Contains dried apricots to soften skin with ground apricot kernel for exfoliation.
*Cinnamon Oatmeal- Nice spiced scent, refreshes, slightly exfoliates.
*Patchouli- Relaxing and calming to bring back the past.
*Lemongrass- Dried lemongrass in a stress relieving bar.
*Spearmint- Uplifting & energizing, awakening.
*Tea Tree & Peppermint- Antiseptic, Vitamin E for wrinkles/scars, great for acne, insect repellent, also makes a great dog shampoo.
*Mango Tango- Fun blend of mango & raspberry with real raspberry seeds to exfoliate.
*Strawberry- Skin tightening, especially for faces.
*Olive Oil & Aloe- Ultra hydrating, excellent for dry, cracked skin.
*Sandalwood Vanilla & Shea- Good for dry, cracked itchy skin.  Helps fight insomnia, calms anxiety & is very relaxing.
*Rosemary- Aids circulation, contains Vitamin C.
*Calendula- Relaxing, gentle for sensitive skin, anti-inflammatory.
*Anise- Licorice scent. masks human scent, ideal for the fisherman/hunters.
*Orange & Ginger- Aids circulation, contains Vitamin C.
*Honey & Shea- Extra moisturizing & healing!
*Butt Naked- Nothing BUTT goat's milk & shea butter. Very gentle & mositurizing.
*Cucumber Aloe- Refreshing/soothing, great for the face.
*Charcoal- Removes bacteria & odor from deep within the pores, great for acne!
*Cherry Almond- Contains almond butter & crushed almonds.  Moisturizing, smells good enough to eat!
*Exotic Vanilla- Extra moisturizing,contains Shea butter, amazing tropical smell!

Oval Designer Line Top Sellers:
*Lily of the Valley
*Love Spell
*Fresh Ginger Lime
*Frosted Snowdrops
*Black Raspberry Vanilla
*White Tea & Ginger
*Pure Seduction
*Cotton Blossom
*Ocean Rain
*Very Sexy for Men
*Drakkar Noir
*Golgi Berry Bliss
*Passion Fruit Nectarine
*Bay Rum
*Eucalyptus & Spearmint
*Pear berry
*Cherry Blossom
*Sweat Pea
*Vanilla Bean Noel
*Citrus Splash
*Ed Hardy for Men
*Masculine Musk
*Very Sexy for Women
*50 Shades Grey (NEW!)

Lotion Line:
All of our creams are made with goat's milk extract, coconut oil, sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, glycerin, mineral oil, Vitamin E & distilled water.  Available in three types:

*Shea Butter
*Olive Oil & Aloe

Butter Line:
*Shea Aloe Butter
*Monoi Butter
*Horsetail Butter Cream
*Olive Butter

Bath Bombs: 
(Bath fizzies)

*Sinus Relief (TOP SELLER)
*Muscle Rescue
*Grape Fruit

Other products:
*Wooden Soap Dishes
*Soap Saver Sleeves
*Shea Butter Lip Balm

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